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Boys Will Be Human. Jason Baldoni guide to becoming the strongest, kindest, bravest person you can be

Justin Baldoni Boys will be Human
Masculinity for boys book

Boys Will Be Human is brought to you by filmmaker, actor, and author Justin Baldoni comes a real-talk, self-esteem-building guidebook that helps boys ages 11 and up embrace their feelings and fears instead of repress them.

Highly designed and filled with activities, sidebars, and inspirational quotes, this book is the perfect social-emotional learning tool for parents and educators to jump-start conversations about masculinity with the boys in their lives.

Have you ever noticed that there are unwritten rules that tell boys how to act, think, and feel? Nobody knows where they came from, but one day—BAM!—you suddenly feel these invisible forces, pushing you to follow the rules of masculinity, even if they don’t make you happy.

Boys Will be Human Book


Justin Baldoni is an actor, director, producer, entrepreneur, and changemaker. He is the cofounder of Wayfarer Studios, an independent studio pioneering multi-platform film and television productions that speak to the human spirit. Baldoni directed and produced Wayfarer Studios’ first feature film, Clouds, which premiered on Disney+ in October 2020. Other directorial projects include CBS Film’s Five Feet Apart and CW’s My Last Days. Baldoni is also the founder and chairman of The Wayfarer Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the way communities see and respond to people experiencing homelessness. Baldoni is best known for playing Rafael on The CW’s award-winning hit show Jane the Virgin, which is now streaming on Netflix. He created the dinner conversation series Man Enough, which is in development at HarperOne as a book to be published in Winter 2021. He has spoken about his own journey with masculinity in a viral TED talk, as well as on college campuses across America. Baldoni lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Justin Baldoni Book
A guide book for boys ages 11 and up
A book about confidence, love, masculinity, intelligence, strength and empathy for boys
Helping boys find the confidence to be their authentic selves







The effects of traditionally defined masculinity have become one of the most prevalent social issues of our time. In this engaging and provocative new book, beloved actor, director, and social activist Justin Baldoni reflects on his own struggles with masculinity. With insight and honesty, he explores a range of difficult, sometimes uncomfortable topics including strength and vulnerability, relationships and marriage, body image, sex and sexuality, racial justice, gender equality, and fatherhood.

Writing from experience, Justin invites us to move beyond the scripts we’ve learned since childhood and the roles we are expected to play. He challenges men to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be strong enough to be sensitive, to be confident enough to listen. Encouraging men to dig deep within themselves, Justin helps us reimagine what it means to be man enough and in the process what it means to be human.

Justin Baldoni Man Enough Book


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